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Who says organized has to be boring? At Spaghetti, we believe in thinking outside the box. We’re a fresh, dynamic company with an innovative product designed to help our customers live their best lives. Our range of quarterly notebook planners is designed to help you be more focused and creative while allowing your unique personality to shine. In the business world, every minute counts. We believe that the right tools can unlock time you didn’t know you had, and empower you to be more productive. We’re always looking for ideas to enhance the way we live and work in the 21st century. If you’ve got suggestions for new products or ways we can improve, we’d love to hear from you!


The new set contains 4 quarterly notebook planners with three months in each book, with two pages per day in a cool contemporary layout. An excellent business or personal tool with daily tasks and priorities in each notebook which will bring focus to accomplishing quarterly goals in 90 day sprints.


Building on the success of last years range we created a new vibrant collection of notebooks that we believe you will love!  We have refreshed existing designs and added new ones in a series which is both vibrant and distinctive.


New to our quarterly diaries is our Next Quarter planner. It helps you to add notes and tasks as your progress through each quarter for the upcoming quarter. This handy extended planner has been designed to be a practical aid to plan each quarter of your year.


We've coloured up each day differently so you will know where you are in the week, plus there is space for weekly goals, daily tasks, appointments, forward and previous month plus lined facing page for notes. Ideal for both office and home use.

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Quality and finish is extremely important to us at Spaghetti. We spend alot of time refining our designs, choosing colours and material finishes to bring a distinctive collection to our customers each year. We continue to introduce new designs and sizes to our products to bring you distinctive quarterly planners that help you plan your day, week or month and this year we bring you an extra large size planner for those who need more space for jotting down notes or making plans.

Our latest collection is in stock and ready to ship today. Pick your favourite, add to basket and enjoy your Spaghetti Quarterly Planner Notebook.